1064.6-0.4 OD6 Ultra Narrow Bandpass



1064.6-0.4 OD6 Ultra Narrow Bandpass



Ultra Narrow filters bring new levels of performance to filters with very narrow bandwidth responses. Typically fully blocked to OD4 or OD6 and < 3 nm wide at FWHM, Alluxa Ultra Narrow Filters are uniquely steep and accurate. All Alluxa Ultra Narrow filters are fabricated with a proprietary durable, hard coating process. Even very narrow ( < 0.5 nm at FWHM ) Ultra Narrow filters typically have transmission values > 90%.


Additional Info

Item Number 7300
Angle of Incidence 0 Degrees
Center Wavelength 1064.6 nm +0.4 / -0.1 nm
FWHM < 0.5 nm
Transmission Band(s) Peak > 85% T Absolute
Blocking Level OD6
Blocking Range(s)* OD6: 300 to 1000 nm
Filter Design Single Cavity
Substrate Type Borofloat®
Dimensions 50.4 mm Diameter
Filter Thickness 2.0 mm
Assembly Type Anodized Aluminum Ring
Assembly Thickness 3.5 mm

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