Cy®3.5 Fluorescence Filter Set for LED Light Sources



Cy®3.5 Fluorescence Filter Set for LED Light Sources

LED optimized single-band optical filter set for Cy®3.5 and all associated fluorophores



Alluxa’s Cy®3.5 filter set is designed with steep edges, high transmission, and wide range OD6 blocking to provide bright images of Cy®3.5-stained samples. This filter set is also ideal for use with Alexa Fluor® 568, TurboFP602, and all other similar fluorophores. All of Alluxa's optical filters are durable and hard-coated using our SIRRUS™ plasma deposition process.


Additional Info

Item Number s7163
Main Fluorophore(s) Cy®3.5
Alternate Fluorophore(s) Alexa Fluor® 568, DHPE Texas Red®, MitoTracker® Red, CellTracker™ Red CMTPX, HCS LipidTOX™ Red Neutral Lipid Stain, HCS LipidTOX™ Red Phospholipidosis Detection Reagent, FluoSpheres® Red, 5-ROX, Amplex UltraRed, AsRed2, ATTO 565, ATTO RHO3B, ATTO RHO11, ATTO RHO12, ATTO Thio12, Calcein Red-Orange, Carboxy SNARF®-1 (pH 6), Carboxy SNARF®-1 (pH 9), CF™568, CF™570, CF™583, DsRed, DsRed Dimer2, DsRed Express T1, DsRed Tandem Dimer2, dTomato, DY-590, FusionRed, KFP-Red, Lissamine™ Rhodamine, LysoTracker® Red, mApple, mRFP1, mStrawberry, mTangerine, PA-TagRFP, pHrodo® succinimidyl ester, Pro-Q® Diamond, PromoFluor-568, Propidium iodide, ReAsH, Resorufin, Spectrum Orange, Sulforhodamine 101, TagRFP, TurboFP602, X-rhod-1, tdTomato, Rhodamine Red™-X, CellTrace™ Calcein Red-Orange, BOBO-3, BO-PRO-3
Light Source Xenon Arc Lamp, Tungsten-Halogen Lamp, Metal Halide Lamp, MBB1L3 Broadband LED (Thorlabs), MWWHL4 Warm White LED (Thorlabs), SOLIS™-2A Warm White LED (Thorlabs), CoolLED pE-300 White MB, CoolLED pE-300 White SB, CoolLED pE-4000, Lumencor, Inc. MIRA Light Engine®, Lumencor, Inc. SOLA 365 Light Engine®, Lumencor, Inc. SOLA Light Engine®, Lumencor, Inc. SPECTRA X (nIR) Light Engine®, Lumencor, Inc. SPECTRA X (Teal) Light Engine®, Mercury Arc Lamp, M565L3 565nm LED (Thorlabs)

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Filter Set Price: $670.00

Filter Set Price: $670.00