FITC/mCherry Full Multiband Fluorescence Filter Set



FITC/mCherry Full Multiband Fluorescence Filter Set

Dual-band optical filter set for FITC, mCherry and all associated fluorophores



Alluxa’s FITC and mCherry multiband filter set is designed with steep edges, high transmission, and wide range OD6 blocking to provide bright images of samples tagged with multiple fluorophores. This filter set is also ideal for use with GFP, Alexa Fluor® 568, and many other similar fluorophores. All of Alluxa's optical filters are durable and hard-coated using our SIRRUS™ plasma deposition process.


Additional Info

Item Number s7093
Main Fluorophore(s) FITC, mCherry
Alternate Fluorophore(s) Oregon Green® 488, SYBR® Green I, HCS CellMask™ Green, LIVE/DEAD® Fixable Green Dead Cell Stain, Rhodamine Green™, SYTO® 16, SYTOX® Green, BCECF@pH5.2, Calcein, EGFP, TagGFP2, TagGFP, TurboGFP, MitoTracker® Green FM, Fluo-3, Alexa Fluor® 488, SYBR® Gold, BODIPY® TR-X, Cy®2, SYTO® 13, DiO, Fluo-4, mWasabi, BOBO-3, BO-PRO-3, 5-FAM, ATTO 488, BODIPY® FL, BODIPY® FL (IgG), CF™488A, CyQUANT®, BCECF@pH5.5, FlAsH, Fluorescein (0.1M NaOH), Fluorescein (IgG), Fluoro-Emerald, HiLyte™ Fluor 488, mHoneydew, NBD, NBD-X, NeuroTrace® 500/525 Green Fluorescent Nissl Stain (RNA), PA-GFP (post-activation), PicoGreen® dsDNA Quantitation Reagent, PromoFluor-488, PromoFluor-488 Premium, Rhodol Green, Spectrum Green, Emerald, Azami Green, Azami Green (monomeric), BODIPY® TR-X (Phallacidin), C-PC, HCS LipidTOX™ Green Neutral Lipid Stain, LysoTracker® Green, PS-CFP2, Rhodamine 110
Light Source Xenon Arc Lamp, Tungsten-Halogen Lamp, CoolLED pE-4000, M565L3 565nm LED (Thorlabs), M490L3 490nm LED (Thorlabs)

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Filter Set Price: $875.00

Filter Set Price: $875.00